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Criminal Defense: State, Federal, and Civil

Interview the client to get his/her perspective on his defense and obtain any alibi witnesses he/she can provide.

  • Thoroughly review all evidence provided by the prosecutor, i.e., witnesses, photographs, physical evidence, etc.
  • Physically walk through the crime scene to get a personal perspective of what the witnesses observed and in the time and lighting of that observation.
  • Do not rely on prosecutor’s case and theory, but reinvestigate the case based on your client’s perspective. That means taking your own photographs and re-interviewing his/her witnesses.
  • Investigate prosecutor witnesses for any bias they may have against your client.
  • Consult with the attorney on your findings.
  • Consult with your client on your findings.

The key to success on all investigations is that the investigator has the ability to get these witnesses to speak with them. That is where Dennis has had the most success. Dennis has interviewed thousands of people in his capacity as an investigator on both sides of the issue--his first 13 years in the state prison system and his 13+ years as a private investigator.

Surveillance: Domestic, Workman’s Comp.

Our surveillance operatives are the most highly experienced in the business. They have the most up to date equipment to be able to conduct covert surveillance inside and out in any lighting.

Prison Security Expert

As a member of the Security and Investigations Unit with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, one of Dennis’ responsibilities was to teach other officer’s on how to keep their area of responsibility safe for inmates and staff.

When an inmate is charged with a crime inside a prison facility, there are many areas of defense. The prison setting is very unique and the case needs to be evaluated in a very special way. Dennis has investigated hundreds of cases in the prison and has specialized knowledge on how to defend your client.

Dennis’ knowledge of the rules and regulations in the prison system has been a tremendous asset to many Civil attorney’s who’s clients have been assaulted or harmed in any way due to Correctional Peace Officer’s dereliction of duty.

Gang Expert

In Dennis’ over 25 years of experience he has testified in more than 20 gang cases and consulted in hundreds. As a member of the Security and Investigations Unit with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Dennis was assigned as the Assistant Gang Investigator. Dennis was also selected by the San Diego District Attorney’ Office to represent the CDCR on the North County Gang Task Force and the Hate Crimes Task Force.


Defense investigations require specific knowledge, experience, and skill in order to properly prepare a defense strategy. A thorough investigation is critical to the outcome of your case. Trinity Private Investigations, Inc. offers a full range of services and works closely with criminal defense attorneys for preparation of State and Federal misdemeanor or felony criminal cases.

Trinity Private Investigations. Inc. will help you by working with your attorney to prepare your case for trial from a position of strength and confidence, rather than weakness and uncertainty. Witnesses may be intimidated by police and district attorney investigators. We move quickly to locate these witnesses before police or district attorney investigators have the opportunity to misrepesent witness statements. A thorough investigation can result in finding a key alibi witness or establishing that potential eyewitness identification has fatal weaknesses.

Trinity Private Investigations, Inc. is there with you every step of the way. We work closely with you to discuss defense strategies, review evidence and police reports, take photos/videos, and prepare exhibits. The best line of defense is a thorough, professional, and prompt investigation. Trinity P.I, Inc. can get the job done for you.


We provide this service in an unbiased, accurate and professional manner while observing our ethical and legal obligations to our valued customers. We offer our professional services at reasonable rates that are extremely competitive to our competition!

At Trinity P.I, Inc., we accept payment in the form of cash, check, money order, or Paypal.
Don't let starting fees stop you from beginning an investigation.
Our flexible invoice approach ensures your needs are met regardless of the size or scope of the task.
Not every Investigator accepts new clients. You can rest assured knowing that your business will be accepted.
No need to look elsewhere, allow our trusted experts to cater to your specific needs.



Manny Gonzales

B.S., C.F.E., F.C.L.S., C.P.I.

Dennis is a conscientious & dedicated investigator who is circumspect about his assignments. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone who is considering retaining a criminal defense investigator. It was a pleasure working & consulting with Dennis. Semper Fidelis!


Michael Taggart


My office has used Dennis for both criminal and civil matters. From investigations to service of sensitive legal documents. He and Marie are experts in the field. I use their company at every opportunity. M.B. Taggart, Esq.


David Zolezzi

Owner, Paladin Protective Agency

Dennis, It has been a Honor to be apart of your organization. You always go out of your way to succeed in all of the out standing categories of being the most professional person I have ever met. The caliber of person it takes to achieve the highest goals and expectations in a business. In all of the years we have been doing business together, you have made a career in the work place that goes beyond all skills to be the most successful Licensed Private Investigator I have ever met. May you be blessed always.